Brandt Daroff Exercises for BPPV

If you have had or currently have benign paroxysmal position vertigo (BPPV) you understand how the spinning and dizzy symptoms can limit normal function. Balance can be impaired, and the spinning can lead to injury from falls. Often, the symptoms are worse when rising from bed, initially lying down, or rolling over.

BPPV is caused by small calcium deposits in the semicircular canals of the vestibular system of the inner ear. These deposits push up against nerve endings in the vestibular system and give your brain false information about the position of the head. This makes stabilizing the eyes difficult and leads to the spinning sensations.

Treatment of BPPV includes manual repositioning of the crystals using the Epley Maneuver or the Semont Maneuver.

An effective self-care strategy for BPPV includes Brandt Daroff exercises. These can help treat the symptoms of BPPV and may also help prevent future episodes of BPPV. Be sure to check with your physical therapist or doctor to see if these exercises are right for you.

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